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The practice of Ricardo Morales-Hernández(b.1980) consists in drawing a personal, political and cosmic story. He uses analog, digital and biological media with a main focus in extemporal drawing. Known for his paradisiac imagery evoking musical systems that reminisce the natural surroundings of the colony of Puerto Rico. Historical relations can be traced from: primitive markings, medieval marginalia, neo-expressionism and post-digital aesthetics while at the same time questioning the dominant discourses of contemporary art. He deserted studies in Media Arts, Religion and Social Sciences and been recipient of AIR–CPW- Andy Warhol Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts and Center for Image Science in Austria among others. Currently he works from San Juan, Puerto Rico.


Hope is different from imagination.

Ricardo Morales-Hernández

3 questions on biblical hope

1. In what sense biblical inspired-hope is different from imagination?

In the sense that biblical defined hope, envisions a future of a promise by God that is still unfulfilled but waited on by faith in time. Imagination in the other hand, solely serves itself reconfiguring parameters of knowledge and intuition, intentionality and anticipation. Imagination serve knowledge and is great, but with no implication on eternity.

In other words,
hope is God-infused,
and rest in the honor of Another
outside ourselves (GOD)

and imagination is
human configured
and at best, it's material valuable

2. What is the nature of imagination?
We can say this: for every realm, imaginary or real, we have a set of parameters that configure that realm. The nature of imagination is to dream of new parameters. Imagination wants a new configuration, so it moves to alternatives, intuition, knowledge and anticipation to figure out the new. In a sense, is parallel to that of the recognition of new patterns in the latest technology, but it is so much more than that, because for us, feelings, memory and context triggers meaning. So we are different from computers in the sense, that we aren't created to divide information without sensorial memory, feelings, context and meaning.

3. What is the role of imagination in biblical hope?
Biblical hope can rest solely on the honor and the power of a faithful, loving, promise-giver; outside of us namely the Triune God. It is informed by truth and not imagination, and in reality this hope translates into; faith on His character. Faith into the historic and future records of the fulfillment of his promises, as evidenced in scriptural, natural, and personal level.

Then, imagination informed by this *extra-nos* revelation, plays his role solely in the arena of faith and love as envisioning this biblical informed future, and sharing it with the help of the skill of imagination, among other human skills. Because biblical hope does not rely in the specific image of the to-be-fulfilled promise, it doesn’t have to "know", "perceive" or “see" that imagined thing in order to be fulfilled. In other words, biblical hope does not require the compatibility of the image of the desired, from the personal with the fulfillment of the desired, from the actual. This, do not give birth to deception, because biblical hope when fulfilled, is always surpassing in quality, joy, and goodness the imaginary realm. But imagination is to be feed on biblical hope and not otherwise.


Biblical Hope- what I mean with the term biblical hope, is what Easton Biblical Dictionary describes as, *" an essential and fundamental element of Christian life, so essential indeed, that, like faith and love, it can itself designate the essence of Christianity."* It is also what John Piper define as *Faith in Future Grace*, as dependence of the continuum of God grace for the present, past and future]

My purpose in contrasting biblical hope from imagination, is to distinguish it and it’s uses in order to pursuit healthy imagination, that positively inform conscience in faith, and confidence.

[^3 Is in fact true, that imagination cannot handle either some parameters of the biblical revelation and all the parameters of the unrevealed. Biblical wisdom talks about how much more of that of imagination is the fulfillment of God promises, compared with the image that we have of it.(1 Cor 2:9) ]

Fire Manifesto

Ricardo Morales-Hernández

October, 2017
Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico.

Some experts seem to notice the difference between real and fake diamonds. Many people say that the transformation of raw carbon into diamonds it’s the most natural of processes. Extreme heat, pressure and time changes the constitution. The miracle takes place and now is irreversible, and it is so for the conversion of other natural organisms.  Butterfly metamorphosis for example, food preparation, digestion, sex or growth. 

It is scarcity and purity that gives great value to diamonds. As decay seems to be a universal constant in a material world, it is natural for us to desire something less perishable, more steady and appealing. Something as Love, gold or diamonds; friends, framed butterflies, or electronic bank funds, renewable energy, water, or food stocks. In order to gratify this desire there is another conversion. This conversion (of an imaginary inventory into the material world in the sense of acquiring or becoming) ignite a very deep power struggle. Sinful enough to be pathetic, and at times more destructive than a category 5 hurricane of death. 

As I write in a traffic jam sneaking for internet reception, at the 14th day after Hurricane María, there are still areas of Puerto Rico totally destroyed and unreachable. 3.5 million citizens have to abandon normality or accept new norms of survivalism in my post-industrial island. The current President of the United States, Mr. Trump, visits the colony of Puerto Rico on a questionable humanitarian 5-hour trip circus. The political relationship between USA and Puerto Rico are nothing more than ambiguous. Life's represent budget numbers. Meanwhile, the crisis give voices to very specific cases. 

Lust as fire, also seems to govern emotional, political, and the economical arena. Not only on my territory. Not now. Is all over. It’s spread. Speculation, technology and science give us an extended power-trip sense, a domestication of natural means, a new kind of fast lure or religion for survival or success. Omniscience hooked on internet feeds, opinionated support and consent with our social media ghettos, along with, nice prognostics from weather infographics. Data has never felt so in charge. 

So while I was preparing charcoal from decaying tropical forest in Puerto Rico and making artworks that metaphorically can become diamonds too, we got the blessing and the curse of getting hit by two hurricanes revealing a deeper crisis. Nature stands as witness, for it is a forced autumn in a tropical land. The skin of the forest is burned. However, the intensity of the devastation is incomparable with the vulnerability and the human brokenness that we have seen this days. Artificial development is in pause, and while we were on the way of becoming more holy or more of a sinner, more compassionate or more consumeristic, the few analog media outlets that survived in the early days of this crisis, flood the waves with interminable pain. Desperation spread as a wildfire. 

It’s true that Hurricane Irma and Maria destroyed many humans, nature and things and my outdoor studio is only one of them (and this is so, so insignificant). Last week, I finally had access to my studio and my eyes couldn't believe what they were seeing. I've been working for sometime with the concept of Divine Judgment throughout natural means (water, fire, and wind), and it's not the same to draw it, than to realize you are possibly living and walking in the midst of it. It is neither a coincidence. 

Some experts seems to notices that Leonardo Da’Vinci was heavily influenced with the idea of the end of the world, specially via water. Minuscule forms in his water studies depicts full cities been devoured or transformed by it. Also John Martin, the apocalyptic painter was pretty obsessed with the biblical idea of an epic fire consummation, just like the apostle Peter tells: 

“But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.”
—2Pe 3:10 KJV 

It is patience that gives character, and character delivers otherworldly hope in so many forms. Slow, slow fire, pressure, and time. Analog ticking of the clock. Hearth and rhythm. Struggle and sunshine mix. In order to enjoy-in-adversity, not as a man-made trust, and not as a display of self-pity, we have to recognize the One who creates and sustains reality, and it is the Ultimate Reality itself. This One, that provides both: A way and intention, design and direction, that surely is Himself, personal and transforming, overflows with manifested plans of hope and future. This same carbon-diamond shaping reality, is the case of the Kingdom of God. Announced surely, and here, or coming slowly. Coming soon, brewed as an eternal coffee of a thousands years, emerging and pervading, imminent, eternal and so marginal. Coming in the form of judgement or mercy. Multiform views of the same reality. Pervasive. 

What's left is to put our sight to the Invisible. 

Music & Martyrs

Ricardo Morales-Hernández

Nothing new
The Head sustaining 


Fornication Everywhere
Eyes, Mind & Heart

The onomatopoeic music deafen
the voice of the martyrs

persecution systems grow

the great harlot rejoice
at her last sip of the cup

blood inside
pitiful monster

all evil is apostate
from that broken garden


Water Manifesto

Ricardo Morales-Hernández

As water revolves and react among the forms of a rock so is this manifesto.


Creation presuppose mind

The imagination of God infinitely surpasses ours.

The imagination of God includes; death processes , marine monsters, carnivore plants, water and organic memory among many other visible or invisible things that take form.

Of course we know there is a God, is evident in nature but we suppress this knowledge.

Fallen worlds become a playground-theater for God imagined species and eternal drama.

There is two mysteries we fail to understand: the nature of death and the origin of evil. Both are abnormally alienating, parasitic from life, disregarding God and others.




Ricardo Morales-Hernández

Compost as organic material for decomposition, as material rich in potential nutrients for growth, as manure and as ruin, it is the current state of things, of the material world and of the obvious wear of civilization. As creative ferment, it is the process of allowing to die or allowing to grow, similar to the relatively autonomous growth of plants.

This is the challenge:

– To empower the idea (compost) as opposed to what is yet to come
– To disenchant ourselves with scientific, social, and political utopias without succumbing to despair
– To rethink present dystopias without consenting to general conformity, another social contract, or to gnostic materialism
– To contemplate the imminent transgression of an “other reality” — call it the eternal kingdom of God — that bursts into “the normality” of things
– To refer to the traumatic action/reaction of this terrestrial sphere, world/compost as obsolete, old, and hostile in relation to what is yet to come
– To ponder the origin and fate of a city/garden
– To resist, even if it were necessary, the unity and imposition of a techno empire

The little Big Manifesto

Ricardo Morales-Hernández

  1. If Life remains, so creation.
  2. Avoid nano-narratives. There is a bigger explanation.
  3. Parameters are transitory. Trials too.
  4. Rejoice in discovery.
  5. Stories inside stories, that's where the juice is.
  6. Art is graphic by choice.
  7. Cosmic politics is the goal. Take it serious, and make fun of it.
  8. Nature is both: broken and beautiful.