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Puerto Rico


The practice of Ricardo Morales-Hernández(b.1980) consists in drawing a personal, political and cosmic story. He uses analog, digital and biological media with a main focus in extemporal drawing. Known for his paradisiac imagery evoking musical systems that reminisce the natural surroundings of the colony of Puerto Rico. Historical relations can be traced from: primitive markings, medieval marginalia, neo-expressionism and post-digital aesthetics while at the same time questioning the dominant discourses of contemporary art. He deserted studies in Media Arts, Religion and Social Sciences and been recipient of AIR–CPW- Andy Warhol Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts and Center for Image Science in Austria among others. Currently he works from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

File Name: Sketch for a Anti ( Babylon Version)


File Name: Sketch for a Anti ( Babylon Version)


File Name: Sketch for a Anti ( Babylon Version)


File Name: Sketch for a Anti
( Babylon Version)

Author: Ricardo Morales-Hernández

Date: 2016

Type: Vector File Drawing (.eps) and Instructions (.rtf) in a .zip file

Authorization/Provenance Management: Ascribe.io

Edition: 7

Color: Black/White

Permissions:   Reproductions on Wall with some restrictions.

Material limitations: Limitless  non-commercial license per file owner.

Uses: Wall Paint.


This vector drawing file is for your personal or institutional use.

Retain integrity in form and color (Black K:100/White Background).

To be projected in a white wall as a unique painting (no pattern), directly apply black matte painting respecting the form.

No smaller that 10% of the surface covered and no larger than 100% of an area.

Limitless non-commercial license per file owner. Retain integrity.

Other objects of the artist can be displayed on front.




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