1204 Avenida Juan Ponce de León
San Juan, San Juan, 00907
Puerto Rico


The practice of Ricardo Morales-Hernández(b.1980) consists in drawing a personal, political and cosmic story. He uses analog, digital and biological media with a main focus in extemporal drawing. Known for his paradisiac imagery evoking musical systems that reminisce the natural surroundings of the colony of Puerto Rico. Historical relations can be traced from: primitive markings, medieval marginalia, neo-expressionism and post-digital aesthetics while at the same time questioning the dominant discourses of contemporary art. He deserted studies in Media Arts, Religion and Social Sciences and been recipient of AIR–CPW- Andy Warhol Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts and Center for Image Science in Austria among others. Currently he works from San Juan, Puerto Rico.


Rocksteady project is a visual journey that uses expanded drawing, crowdsourcing, research and modelling to arrange analog, physical and historical imagery to contribute a big story. The process is a community oriented, open-end form in which traditional art forms are intertwined with digital media and narratives techniques.




Dibujo en colaboración com mi hija mayor Zoe

Dibujo en colaboración com mi hija mayor Zoe

Impactar el amor
Dejarlo ser,
Cuando me levante otra vez
ya todo no será igual.
Salvatore todo lo hace nuevo
y mi cuerpo como composta
mi vida composta
memorias compostas
y la mayoría que como quiera no entiende
al menos en la descomposición
se regocija y
llora conmigo.
sin tratos
solo un puente
que nadie quiere tomar.
20 de enero 2014